Sunday, April 28, 2013

Viewing suggestions to make May 4 & 5 a Star Wars weekend

May 4th is almost upon us, and in 2013, the 4th and 5th fall on a weekend, making it a perfect opportunity for two days of Star Wars goodness. While you should spend the 4th watching the movies (obviously), here are our suggestions for things to watch on the 5th:
  • The Ewok Adventure (Caravan of Courage) and The Battle for Endor movies. Sure, they're silly, but there's still some of that old-school magic. Plus, there's Wilfred Brimley, original Mace, and Wicket learning to talk.
  • The Star Wars Holiday Special. We don't encourage bootlegs, but that's the only way to experience the Jar Jar Binks of Christmas specials. You could also check out the many YouTube clips of the show, many of which you can see by clicking the Holiday Special logo to the right.
  • The Clone Wars animated microseries. Not the newer CGI version; for us, the Genndy Tartakovsky version from 2003 is slightly better.
  • Droids and Ewoks cartoons. These 80s era cartoons are aren't great, but they are nostalgic fun. Plus, the Droids theme song is awesome, in its own weird way.
  • Kenner toy commercials. You'll have to hit YouTube for these, but for anyone who remembers these from back in the day, it's well worth it.
  • Bloopers. The DVD and Blu-ray releases have their own blooper reels, which are also on YouTube.
  • Blu-ray special features. The "Spoofs" documentary is really good, but we also enjoyed the vintage "Making Of" specials for each of the original trilogy movies included as well. Vintage Mark Hamill rocks. 

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