Sunday, May 31, 2015

Carrie Fisher's autograph reveals a possible spoiler from Episode VII: The Force Awakens!

Hello everyone, co-editor Victor Medina here! Carrie Fisher appeared at Fan Expo Dallas (formerly Dallas Comic Con) this weekend, and while signing an autograph for me, appears to have revealed a possible Episode VII spoiler: that her character of Princess Leia is married to Han Solo in the newest adventure.

Fisher was signing my original Empire Strikes Back one-sheet movie poster when she added the inscription "Mrs. H Solo" under her signature (see photo). I didn't catch the inscription immediately, so I was unable to follow up with her and question her about it. Fans had long speculated that Han and Leia would be married in The Force Awakens, opening December 18, but neither the actors nor Lucasfilm have yet confirmed this will be the case. Han and Leia did marry in the books and comics that made up the Extended Universe, and their children play a big part of those tales, but Lucasfilm has made it clear that the Extended Universe is no longer canon. Fans wondered if the marriage of Han and Leia would indeed be confirmed in the new film, with many theorizing that the character of Rey (played by Daisy Ridley) may in fact be their child, especially since her last name has not been revealed.

Consider Fisher's own admittance that she tends to reveal spoilers, much to Lucasfilm's chagrin. "I'm so bad at these (Q&As) that they have to leave me at home. I didn't understand how many things were spoilers," she said during a Q&A discussion at this year's Star Wars Celebration event.

While her inscription isn't definitive proof, it is solid enough to speculate that the marriage of Han and Leia is a strong possibility. After all, why else would she sign that?

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