Saturday, May 9, 2015

ThinkGeek's exclusive Star Wars #1 at an awesome price!

You know how they did something like three million variant covers for Marvel's Star Wars #1? Most of those have seen prices skyrocket, but here's a variant you can actually afford! ThinkGeek has an exclusive cover (shown above), and best of all, it is on sale now for only $5.99! You can click right here to order it now, but you better act fast! You can also click the description below:

Star Wars #1 ThinkGeek Exclusive Variant Star Wars #1 ThinkGeek Exclusive Variant
Are you saddened by all the delicious Star Wars Expanded Universe stories being demoted to just "legends?" Need a bit more meat on the original trilogy's bones? Then you need to start reading the new Star Wars comic series, starting with Star Wars #1 ThinkGeek Exclusive Variant! Set directly after the events of Star Wars: Episode IV, the series (helmed by the all-star creative of team of writer Jason Aaron and artist John Cassaday) is going to be flagship of Marvel's new canonical line of comic...

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