Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ready, Red Leader? "Star Wars" X-wing quadcopter takes flight

The Galactic Empire better watch out. French creator Olivier C has put the finishing touches on his RC X-wing quadcopter, and it looks like the "Star Wars" drone is ready to take on the Death Star. 

Read more right here. Watch video of the X-Wing flying below.


  1. RC X-wing quadcopter is a wonderful innovation that undoubtedly looks like star-wars drone. It is one of the best best quadcopters that has similarities to star-war's drones.

  2. Oh, this is perfect for making some Star Wars fans movies! :) The part where you fly it low over the dusty road... Perfect! You know what would also look cool? Attaching a small FPV cam but somewhere in the back so that you get that nice third person view. Anyway, if you are interested in finding out more about FPV drone models, I suggest checking out this article I found the other day:

  3. The leader was ready to take the flight but then maybe the time difference between communication is the reason of the flight delay.