Monday, July 13, 2015

Happy Birthday to Our Favorite Smuggler, Archaelogist, and Droid Killer!

Okay, so anyone who's seen this picture before knows I edited out an expletive. Just google it and you'll see what I"m talking about. We keep it family-friendly here. It's still a humorous shirt.

"It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage." There's no doubt Harrison Ford has held up well over the years. Not only is he a hero in the movies, but many people who have been helped or rescued by the helicopter flying actor would state he's one in real life as well. He is the working man's celebrity! I shook his hand and can tell you that they were roughened by hard work and labor. He even had a bruised thumb from where he apparently had hit it with a hammer or something.

I was fortunate enough to meet who I would consider my favorite actor when he was on a press tour for the drama "Extraordinary Measures." He was very cordial, humorous, and attentive within the time I was allotted. What I was most impressed by was his attentiveness to the hundreds of fans who showed up hoping to get an autograph, selfie, or handshake from the legendary actor. He started at the beginning of the rope of the red carpet and made his way down signing and greeting everyone he could before being swept off to the screening.

Happy 73rd Birthday to you, Mr. Ford!

Check out my short but gratifying interview with Ford below.


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