Sunday, July 12, 2015

Your guide to Star Wars San Diego Comic Con exclusives!

The San Diego Comic Con is here, and that means there are some awesome exclusives out there for Star Wars fans.You can see the full list with pictures at by clicking here, and you can click the "READ MORE" link to see a rundown of what's out there after the jump:

Funko Pop! C-3PO figure (metallic) $15, limited to 1,000 pieces
Funko Pop! Princess Leia as Boushh figure $15, limited to 1,000 pieces 
Funko Hikari Infrared Boba Fett figure $80, limited to 1,000 pieces 
Funko Hikari Matte Black Darth Vader figure $80, limited to 1,200 pieces
Funko Hikari 501st Clone Trooper figure $80, limited to 1,500 pieces

Gentle Giant Droids Boba Fett 12" vintage action figure, $100
Gentle Giant Droids R2-D2 12" scale vintage action figure, $100
 Gentle Giant Prototype Boba Fett bust, $120

Hallmark U-3PO ornament, $35
Hallmark R5-D4 ornament, $35.
Hallmark Itty-Bittys Boba Fett and Han Solo in Carbonite, $20

Hasbro Black Series 6-inch First Order Stormtrooper, $24.95
Hasbro Black Series 3.75-inch Jabba’s Palace Collector Set, $130
Includes Jabba the Hutt, the Rancor, C-3PO, Slave Leia, Luke Skywalker, and a Gammorean Guard.

LEGO Dagobah mini-diorama set, $39.95

JAKKS 20" Boba Fett figure San Anselmo County Fair version, $50
JAKKS 20" Darth Vader hologram figure, $60

Marvel Comics Lando #1 Previews exclusive
Marvel Comics Darth Vader #7 Previews exclusive
Marvel Comics Lando #1 Topps Illustrated cover

Mattel First Order Stormtrooper Hot Wheel $10
PlastiColor Darth Vader Red Floor Mat, $39.99
Plasticolor Darth Vader Red Utility Mat, $14.99

Plasticolor Endor Utility Mat, $29.99

Plasticolor Mos Eisley Utility Mat, $29.99
 Plasticolor Planet Hoth Utility Mat, $29.99
Plasticolor Death Star Utility Mat, $19.99
Plasticolor Empire Logo Utility Mat, $29.99
Plasticolor Mandalorian Utility Mat, $29.99
Plasticolor Rebel Logo Utility Mat, $29.99
Plasticolor Boba Fett Lanyard, $4.99
Plasticolor Empire Logo Lanyard, $4.99
Plasticolor Rebel Logo Lanyard, $4.99

Santa Cruz Boba Fett board
Santa Cruz R2-D2 board
Santa Cruz Tusken Raider board
Santa Cruz Darth Vader board

Topps Oversized 10-card set (10 different sets)

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