Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Happy Birthday, David "Stinky" Acord!

Happy Birthday to "Star Wars" sound genius and voice actor extraordinaire David Acord. You might not know David's face, but you certainly have heard his work. He voiced characters like Highsinger, A-4D, the Rabbit Droid, and my personal favorite - Jabba's son Stinky. He also lends his talents to "Star Wars Rebels" voicing a protocol droid, a pilot, and a TIE Fighter pilot. Besides "Star Wars," Acord has done sound, special effects, camera, and electrical work on movies like "Star Trek Into Darkness," "Guardians of the Galaxy," Avengers: Age of Ultron," "Super 8," and many more.

I had the opportunity to meet David at "Star Wars" Fan Days a few years back in Dallas, TX.  I also interviewed him for "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" about his role as Highsinger . He was a very polite, humorous, and approachable guy and you could tell he loves his work.

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