Monday, September 7, 2015

"What Have We Here?" A Lando #3 Review!

When I was a kid, I read Marvel's "Star Wars" comics whenever I got my hands on them. I remember having the giant-sized movie adaptation for "Episode IV" and other editions of "V" and "VI." A couple other random issues crossed my path as well, but I never seriously collected the series.

When Lucasfilm announced they were scrapping the "SW" Extended Universe and starting fresh, I found myself relieved. I hadn't really ever invested much time on anything outside of the movies and TV shows and thankfully had nothing to be frustrated over. Some folks were angry that they "wasted" so much time devoting hours of reading stories that were no longer considered canon, while others just celebrated the tales as part of an alternate world.

After hearing Marvel announced they were starting from scratch with a new monthly "Star Wars" series, my interest was piqued. Here was the perfect time for me to jump into even more adventures in a galaxy far, far away that were officially recognized and assigned by Lucasfilm to be considered canon and directly tied to the films. I got the first issue solely because I had to have the Jaxxon variant cover. Since then, I've grown more and more interested as the different "Star Wars" titles continued to be announced. With the revelation that they were releasing a title concentrated on Lando Calrissian, I decided it was time to give the comic book world of "Star Wars" another try.

I am very glad I did after reading Lando #3. The book takes place somewhere between "Episode IV" and "Episode V." It is expertly written by Charles Shoule and beautifully illustrated by Alex Maleev. The circimstances within the story percectly fit what we've come to expect from Calrissian and the humorous misfortunes that seems to follow Han Solo and himself around the farthest reaches of the galaxy.

Lando has made off with one of the most expensive ships in the galaxy. Now, one of the most deadly and effective trackers around is on his tail in Lando #3.

Alex Maleev's art for Lando #3 completely captures the essence of every character we've come to know and love from the movies. The lead character carries the likeness of Billy Dee Williams and Lobot resembles actor John Hollis as well. I'm sure it has everything to do with the fact that Disney owns both Lucasfilm and Marvel and can do what they want with either properties.

Issue #3 of Lando is rated T for Teen. It contains violence and really nothing more than that. The comic mirrors the same family-friendly content we’ve come to expect from the movies and TV shows.

Lando #3 sadly sees us two issues away from the finale of the miniseries. I definitely think Marvel has the makings of an ongoing title here. However, it's good they had a goal in mind instead of just aimlessly keeping it going like many TV shows that continue on longer than they should have.

Lando #3 is available now in print and Kindle editions.

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