Wednesday, September 23, 2015

When Sauron and His Lackeys Can't Get the Job Done, Call in the Guy Who Can...

Yeah, so yesterday was Hobbit Day or whatever and this week is known as Tolkien Week. I found this wonderful art piece and thought it fit the day and week perfectly. Let me explain my feelings on the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit to clear things up. Love Tolkien and what he did. I can tolerate the "Lord of the Rings" films in small amounts (never an entire one in one sitting) and loathe "The Hobbit" movies. If you really want to see "The Hobbit" the way it should've been, Google "The Hobbit: Tolkien Edit" and enjoy. Let Peter Jackson direct the movies. After that, he should have to surrender every bit of footage shot and never be able to touch it again or take part in the editing of the films. Oh yeah, and the original "Star Wars" Trilogy is infinitely better to answer the question posed in "Clerks 2." Thanks to the Dented Helmet for the cool art.

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