Thursday, November 12, 2015

In the Jungle, The Mighty Imperial Jungle, The Elephant Trooper Sleeps Tonight

Apparently, the Empire isn't only accepting human recruits these days. They're also looking for a few good elephant, rhinoceros and hippopotamus to take up the fight against the Rebels. Tech Times wrote "New York City Artist Blank William has created a line of shiny, sleek stormtrooper helmets designed specifically these animals. William's helmets come in two sets — one black and one white — each completed with gilded detailing and a glossy exterior. Chrome and other lustrous materials give the animal stormtrooper helmets the classic look of the Empire's intergalactic, elite footmen." I'd like to add that there are elements of Darth Vader's helmet to be seen as well. You can check out more pictures and information right here.

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