Sunday, November 15, 2015

Peter Mayhew consoles a grieving child

Peter Mayhew, the man who brought Chewbacca to life, recently helped a young boy mourn the loss of a friend.

According to a story on, Mayhew sent a letter to a child named Liam, whose best friend Sam had been recently killed in an ATV accident. The two boys were big Star Wars fans, and had planned to see The Force Awakens together when it opens next month. When word of Sam's passing reached Mayhew, he sent the following letter to Liam, which was shared to social media by Sam's father. Mayhew has since confirmed he did indeed send the letter.

What a classy move by Mayhew. If you would like to contribute to a fund set up to assist Sam's family with medical expenses in wake of the accident and his passing, click here to visit this page at GoFundMe

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