Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Want to Appear in Star Wars: Space Bear?

A casting call has gone out for Episode 8, which is apparently going under the faux title Space Bear. Slash Film brought us the news:

"And yes, this is your big chance to be in Episode 8! Provided that you can report to Pinewood Studios in London and are eligible to work in England and actually manage to be cast as a background extra in the film and whatnot. However, the most interesting aspect of this extras casting call is the supposed fake title that Episode 8 will be filming under: 'Space Bear.' Sometimes, these faux titles simply exist to throw people off the scene of a production and mean nothing. Sometimes, they’re inside jokes or cheeky references, like how Rogue One was titled 'Los Alamos' during production, drawing a direct comparison between the Death Star and real world nuclear weapons programs. So, ladies and gentlemen, start prepping your Space Bear theories right now!"

You can apply to be in Episode 8 right here.

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