Friday, January 8, 2016

Even KISS's Gene Simmons Feels the The Force Awaken

For any diehard fan of KISS, it's common knowledge that fire-breathing and blood-spitting bass player Gene Simmons is a huge fan of comic books. It's pretty safe to say that he would also be a "Star Wars" fan to some degree. A picture posted on his Twitter confirms this. Someone snapped a photo of the Simmons clan leaving a theater after watching "The Force Awakens." Take a look at who's brandishing the weapon of a Jedi Knight... or in the case of the Demon, most likely a Sith Lord. He'd be way too seasoned to be a Knight of Ren.

The connection between KISS and "Star Wars" is a strong one for anyone in their mid-40s. The world of entertainment was dominated by two things in 1977: The release of "Star Wars" and KISS's world domination in the music world with hit albums "KISS - Alive" and "Love Gun" fresh on the minds of every child and teenager.

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