Saturday, January 30, 2016

KISS: The Thunder Awakens T-shirts Available

The 1970s are synonymous for the birth of two of the greatest pop culture icons in the history of the human race. Those icons are KISS and Star Wars. In 1977, both Star Wars and KISS ruled the entertainment world. George Lucas's space saga was on top of the box office while the original Monsters of Rock were racking up album sales and filling up arenas worldwide. Now fans of both of these phenomenons can celebrate with the new official KISS: The Thunder Awakens T-shirt.

The front of the full-color shirt has the Demon, the Spaceman, and Catman brandishing lightsaber guitars and drumsticks as they crank out one of their dozens of hit songs. The Starchild holds a glowing orb of a microphone over his head in the same way Luke Skywalker holds his lightsaber over his head in the original theatrical poster from 1977. The back of the T features the taglines, "KISS - The Thunder Awakens - The Hottest Band on Earth - Four Decades of Hard Rock - And the Saga Continues..." in the style of the opening crawl to the Star Wars movies. Each band member's famous symbol is under the words.

Celebrate four decades of both KISS and Star Wars with your very own The Thunder Awakens T-shirt. They're available now via the KISSOnline Store. Show your love for these two decade-spanning sensations everywhere you go!

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