Tuesday, March 15, 2016

You'll love what John Boyega did when he visited a children's hospital

John Boyega recently visited a London hospital after a young man fighting a brain tumor asked that "Finn" come to visit the children. Boyega went, in costume and in character, to meet with the kids.

This little stormtrooper Daniel had a wonderful wish after seeing The Force Awakens. Daniel currently lives with a brain tumor and rather than having Finn to himself he wanted Finn to meet the kids at the Royal London hospital and give them some toys. I stayed in character while I was with this brave boy asking him what a car was. He taught Finn about everything earth related! Really thankful for the opportunity this child granted me and I'm just humbled! I hope I played a little part in making you smile young stormtrooper.

Boyega then shared an exchange he had with one of the young girls there.
Layla: Finn where's Rey?
Finn: I don't know, I got beat by Kylo and I can't remember anything
Layla: Okay I'll be your Rey today. Okay?
Finn: Okay! Lead the way.
Kudos to Boyega for going above and beyond for these kids. Well done. 

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