Wednesday, April 20, 2016

First Dallas Comic Show Coming Up This Weekend!

ROT5's good buddy Mark Walters is putting on his first Dallas Comic Show this coming weekend at the Richardson Civic Center (411 W Arapaho Rd, Richardson, TX 75080). Many will remember this as one of the first locations for Mark's Dallas Comic Con and Sci-Fi Expo shows. He returns home for a more intimate event featuring some great comic book and TV and movie celebrities. A few of those just happen to be folks who worked on "Star Wars" properties in some way, form, or fashion.

One of the biggest draws for "Star Wars" fans is Artist Tony Harris. He's the penciler and colorist behind Marvel's C-3PO one-shot that hit store shelves last week. Harris brought to life James Robinson's tale of how everyone's favorite protocol droid came to have a red arm in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

Brian Stelfreeze provided artwork for Topps' "Star Wars" Galaxy Series 1 trading card set. It was also used as one of the two "Star Wars" #0 variant covers for Dark Horse.

"Star Wars" Galaxy card artist Brandon Peterson will also be attending Dallas Comic Show.

"RED" creator Cully Hamner worked on the tale "Marked" for Dark Horse's Star Wars Tales 24. It features Darth Maul and Darth Sidious, and takes place roughly six months before "The Phantom Menace." The story also shows flashbacks of Maul as a young apprentice.

Mark A. Nelson was the cover artist for the "Star Wars:" Dark Times 18: Out of the Wilderness, Part 1 variant cover.

Scott Harben is a licensed "Star Wars" artist for Lucasfilm.

Ben Dunn provided art for 2015's Topps "Star Wars" Illustrated "Empire Strikes Back" Panorama Sketch Cards.

Josh Howard's artwork was used as part of the Topps "Star Wars" Galaxy card set.

Matthew Warlick did a Figrin D'An trading card as part of the 2015 Topps "Star Wars: Journey to The Force Awakens" Sketch Cards.

Cal Slayton is another artist who participated in the Topps "Star Wars" Galaxy card set.

There are plenty of other non-"Star Wars" guests who will be in attendance. They include Sam Jones ("Flash Gordon"), Jamie Kennedy ("Scream"), Judith Hoag ("Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"), Sean patrick Flanery ("The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones"), Samantha Newark (Gem and the Holograms"), and many more. Dallas Comic Show is April 23rd and 24th. Show hours for general admission are Saturday 11am to 7pm – Sunday 11am to 5pm. You can get more information on tickets, location, schedule, hotel, and more at the convention's official website.

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