Thursday, April 21, 2016

Marvel's C-3PO Tells Story of the Phantom Limb

Marvel is partnering with Lucasfilm to fill in the gaps between the different "Star Wars" movies and TV shows and answer questions like the one C-3PO #1 resolves: "Why did our favorite protocol droid have a red arm?" The issue is written by James Robinson (Scarlet Witch) with art provided by Tony Harris (Spider-Man: With Great Power).

Writer James Robinson gives readers a story that provides more soul searching than a tale about stranded robots making their way across a dangerous planet should. There's a lot of sentiment to be found as this group of mechanized servants ponder their programming and place in the battle for a Galaxy Far, Far Away. We get an exhilarating hero's journey with an unlikely savior in the end.

Artist Tony Harris brings many familiar models of droids to life in comic book form. Much of the fun of reading C-3PO #1 is getting to see these different robots interact and bicker with each other. We also get to see them fight or shuffle for their artificial lives against the monsters and environments they encounter.

C-3PO is rated T for Teen. There's no profanity or gore within its pages. However, our mechanical friends face off against deadly creatures and dangerously inclement weather. Violence and frightening and intense scenes might disturb younger readers.

So did C-3PO #1 answer the question about his red arm in a satisfactory manner? I would give a resounding yes. We get an emotional and exciting story which will leave you asking the question, "Does the Tin Man have a heart?"

C-3PO #1 is available now in print and digital editions.

You can see a sneak preview of C-3PO #1 below.
Star Wars: C-3PO #1 Preview

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