Monday, May 2, 2016

"Star Wars" at Texas Frightmare Weekend

When you think of horror movie conventions, I highly doubt "Star Wars" comes to mind immediately. To be honest, there really wasn't much to do with a Galaxy Far, Far Away at the annual Texas Frightmare Weekend. However, there were two items of interest I ran into while roaming the vendor room of the event.

The first was a mounted Stormtrooper helmet cracked and revealing a gory skull underneath. It's adorned by what appears to be bloody guts. Joe Schrieber's book "Death Troopers" came to mind immediately.

The second one was a ring that looked like the Death Star. The owner of Fast Custom Shirts gave it to his wife when they got married on May the 4th Be with You (Star Wars Day). She has a green emerald stone that she'll be placing in it to make it look like the laser.

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