Monday, June 6, 2016

"Star Wars" Re-Imagined for the 19th Century

Russian artist Dmitry Parfiryev creates witty and sometimes subversive images by applying pre-revolutionary ideas, concepts, fashion and technologies to contemporary reality. He did so to a few of the "Star Wars" movies and website Russia Beyond the Headlines posted them. Above you can see "Star Wars: Episode V: Battles of the Space Luminaries. 'Imperial battle mechanism AT-2 Walker.'" You can check out more of them after the jump.

"Star Wars" Movies Re-Imagined for the 19th Century:

"Star Wars: Episode V - Battles of the Space Luminaries: Fifth Appearance — The Imperial Fisticuff"

"Star Wars: Episode VI - Battles of the Space Luminaries: Sixth Appearance Return of the Maverick."

"Luke, my dear, I am your father."

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