Monday, June 27, 2016

Texas AirHogs Celebrate "Star Wars" Night

I know close to absolutely nothing about the game of baseball. You hit balls and then run around bases until you either get tagged by another player who caught the ball or you make a homerun. That’s about the extent of it. One thing I do know about is “Star Wars”, though. Anytime someone wants to celebrate the greatest space saga ever made in my neck of the woods, I’m more than willing to participate. That’s exactly what “Star Wars” Night was all about at Texas AirHogs Stadium in Grand Prairie, TX on Friday, June 24th.

The Texas AirHogs is a professional baseball team based in Grand Prairie, Texas, in the United States. The AirHogs are a member of the South Division of the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball, which is not affiliated with Major League Baseball. They chose their game against the Joplin Blasters as “Star Wars” Night. I can’t think of a team with a better name to face off against on such an occasion. partnered with podcast and live show The Rantcor Pit to cover “Star Wars” Night for the Airhogs. The Rantcor Pit’s very own Eddie and Colleen Medina joined me as we interviewed attendees about “Star Wars” and what brought them to the game. A podcast was recorded on location in which we discussed the game and other assorted topics relating to “Star Wars”.

The night was kicked off with Chewbacca Mom Candace Payne throwing out the first pitch of the game. She’s thrown out the first pitch at a couple different baseball games by now. Mrs. Payne has a pretty good arm for it because of that.

The entire AirHog team wore special “Star Wars” Night jerseys which featured C-3PO and R2-D2 on the front standing on Tatooine. A landspeeder is seen on the back of the uniform. The jerseys were being auctioned off for a cancer awareness organization affiliated with Relay for Life. Many of them went for upwards of $300.

Aside from opportunities to get their pictures taken with Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, and team mascot Scout, folks were given the opportunity to get an autograph and a picture with Chewbacca Mom Candace Payne. Paper Chewbacca masks were provided for her to sign. Candace was very cordial and greeted everyone with a warm smile and kind words.

“Star Wars” Night was a lot of fun and I would consider it to be a successful event. Unfortunately, the Texas AirHogs didn’t win the game. “Star Wars” fans won an entertaining game of baseball and cosplaying, though. Add to that the chance to meet Chewbacca Mom and some fearsome characters from a Galaxy Far, Far Away and you have the makings of an unforgettable evening.

Click here to see more pictures from "Star Wars" Night at Texas AirHogs Stadium.

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