Saturday, August 13, 2016

These Kenner Empire Strikes Back store displays are worth more than some cars

Recently, two rare and unique vintage Kenner The Empire Strikes Back toy displays were auctioned off on eBay, and sold for an incredible price. See how much after the jump.

This display, from 1980, introduced the first wave of 11 new figures from The Empire Strikes Back, joining the original 21 figures released from the first film. It measures 16"X20" and is double-sided. Note that the sign shows a prototype Boba Fett figure, which is very different from the final figure that was released.
  This extremely rare piece, despite have some obvious wear, sold for an amazing $8,450 on ebay recently.

A second Empire display, released in 1981 to announce the second wave of Empire figures, advertises ten new figures for a total of 41 figures. However, the math doesn't match the 1980 display, which advertised 32 figures. Obviously, only nine new figures were released in the second wave, but it appears the advertising included Yoda among the ten new figures, despite being included in the previous sign. It isn't clear if Yoda's release was delayed until 1981 as the sign suggests or if this is just an error. This sign is also 16"X20" and double-sided.
   Again, this particular piece has some damage to it, but still sold on eBay recently for $4.605.

That's over $13,000 for two vintage Empire Strikes Back store displays, enough to buy a decent used car!

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