Thursday, September 29, 2016

Come Hang Out with ROT5 for Rogue Friday!

Join ROT5 at midnight for Rogue Friday fun at the Toys "R" Us in Arlington, TX (4111 S Cooper St). We'll be hanging out with fellow Star Warriors JediCole Houston and Eddie Medina of The Rantcor Pit Podcast and Live Show.

According to Heavy, Toys "R" Us is promoting that "fans will get a free poster and T-shirt at the door. The stores are supposed to have four Hasbro exclusives available. There’s a NERF Glowstrike Imperial Death Trooper Deluxe Blaster and the TIE Striker vehicle with a 3.75″ TIE Pilot packed in. (The TIE Striker will be available at other stores without the figure.) Two-packs of 3.75″ figures will also be available at Toys ‘R’ Us. The best of the Toys ‘R’ Us exclusives though is the 6″ Black Series Imperial Hovertank figure."

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