Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sears was Star Wars Central in 1979

Here are more scans from a 1979 Sears catalog we came across recently. It includes some great pictures of vintage toys, including the infamous Blue Snaggletooth. See more after the jump!

Now, the weird thing about this catalog is the presence of the infamous "Blue Snaggletooth" figure.We expected to see it in the "Cantina Adventure Set," a Sears exclusive that was the only way to get this rare version of the character. However, the catalog also shows a Blue Snaggletooth as part of a special set of 16 loose figures that were sold and shipped in a white mailer box. We were not aware of Blue Snaggletooth figures being sold this way, but if anyone has more information, let us know! More scans are below:

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