Monday, November 28, 2016

New Topps Rogue One cards available online now, for one week only!

Topps has released a new set of online exclusive Rogue One trading cards, available for one week only! More details come after the jump!

The latest set of Rogue One "Mission Monday" cards are available now by clicking right here! Each Monday Topps will release a card set featuring characters, vehicles and locations from the new film Star Wars: Rogue One. New card sets will be made available every Monday for one week at a time prior to the release of the Star Wars: Rogue One movie! The cards available this week are:
  1. Saw Gerrera (MBM Card no. MBM-11)
  2. Mon Mothma (MBM Card no. MBM-12)
  3. Bodhi Rook (MBM Card no. MBM-13)
  4. Shoretrooper (MBM Card no. MBM-14)
  5. Yavin 4 (MBM Card no. MBM-15)
Get your cards now! Collect them all, and save the rebellion!

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