Monday, January 2, 2017

Dallas's Nerd Year's Eve Celebrates Carrie Fisher

This past weekend saw Dallas's first annual Marvelous Nerd Year's Eve. One of the events held was a tribute to "Star Wars" actress Carrie Fisher, who passed away from a massive heart attack on December 27th. Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew hosted the last-minute tribute, which was put together by organizers because they felt strongly that “we’d really be slacking off if we didn’t honor our favorite princess.” The panel room was filled with fans of Fisher and Princess Leia, many of whom dressed up as the feisty and strong character.

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Peter Mayhew shared stories about Carrie Fisher with the crowd and gave them the opportunity to share their personal feelings about Fisher.

“She was a princess. She can adapt to almost any situation and she did,” Mayhew stated.

"You can be strong, and brave, and beautiful, and smart, and a woman. She’s an inspiration,” said Mai Swan, a fan who was dressed up with her daughter as Princess Leia.

"Carrie had a habit. She would walk over to Peter. She'd crawl up in his lap, and they had a thing. It wasn't unusual. It was normal for them. Peter introduced me as his wife. She looked at me, 'What was your name again?' 'Hi, Carrie. I'm Angie!' I went through a grilling, a grilling from the Princess to see if I could pass muster because she was not at all sure if my intentions were pure toward Peter," shared Mayhew's wife, Angie.

"Carrie Fisher is Sci-Fi. Like, she made Sci-Fi for women," Cosplayer MCubed said.

"Make sure that Carrie Fisher lives on in everybody's memory. She was never early, but looking around seeing all the fans, she would have been here on time," Mayhew urged the audience.

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