Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Little Debbie, Rancho Obi Wan team up for unique Star Wars card set

It looks like we'll all have to hunt down Little Debbie products on our next grocery run. Click the link to find out about a cool new pack-in offer after the jump!

In a throwback to the classic pack-in offers of the 1980s, Little Debbie is offering a cool set of Star Wars collectibles cards, featuring items from the Rancho Obi-Wan Museum!

Rancho Obi-Wan curator Steve Sansweet announced on the museum Facebook page that Little Debbie (one of the museum's sponsors) is offering a Rancho Obi Wan collectible card inside each specially marked package of Star Crunch Cookies. There are twelve cards in all, each featuring a unique item from the Rancho Obi Wan collection. The "Missile Firing" Boba Fett figure is among the items that get a card, as is a vintage R2-D2 cookie jar and a Darth Vader wind-up toy.

Little Debbie is also giving away a trip to San Francisco for four, along with a private tour of Rancho Obi Wan! For more information on the giveaway, and to see all the cards in the card set, click here to visit the Little Debbie website

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