Saturday, May 13, 2017

For some reason, KYLO made the list of popular baby names


According to the Social Security Administration's recently-released list of most popular baby names, the most popular boy name for 2016 was Noah. However, one name made the biggest one-year jump in rank: Kylo. That's right - people are naming their kid after a Star Wars character that killed his father. You won't believe where he ranks on the list.

According to Social Security Administration stats for 2016, "Kylo" jumped an incredible 2,368 spots to land at #901 in the top 1000 baby names. Sure, that is way down on the list of baby names, but isn't just ONE kid named Kylo too much?

The Star Wars Underworld reports that other Star Wars names are even more popular than Kylo, but didn't make as big of a jump up the charts.
Other Star Wars names in the top 1000 include Leia at #321 for girls, Luke at #29 for boys, Anakin at #778 for boys, Finn at #175 for boys, and Bodhi at #375 for boys.  Strangely, names like Sheev, Snoke, and Armitage failed to make to crack the top 1000.
You can check out the Social Security Administration's Popular Baby Names Page by clicking right here.

Source: Forbes

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