Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Kylo Ren's 'Last Jedi' starship revealed

A European toy store may have just revealed Kylo Ren's starship in The Last Jedi! We have the pic and the details.

Kylo Ren's starship was revealed as part of a pre-order for a wave of new Star Wars Hot Wheels coming later this year. The Hot Wheels were featured on a toy store website in Liechtenstein (which is a country in Europe, FYI)  Besides a First Order TIE Fighter and an Imperial Star Destroyer, this item was shown, which was apparently labeled as Kylo Ren's Starfighter. The website was in German, and the page featuring the Hot Wheels has since been taken down. We managed to grab a screenshot, however.

It appears, based on the positioning of the base, that the ship is actually facing away from the camera. The side of the ship facing the camera shows the engine vents instead of cockpit. The guns on the wings also point away from the camera. That would mean the ship has a look similar to the TIE Interceptor we saw in Return of the Jedi. Either way, this is certainly a sinister-looking ship for Kylo Ren to pilot in the next film.

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