Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Star Wars Rules Free Comic Book Day

Ephraim Shirey with RtwoDtwo.
Saturday, May 6th might have officially been Free Comic Book Day, but Star Wars ruled supreme in the Dallas area and ROT5 was there to witness it. Madness Games and Comics hosted what might as well have been an extension of Star Wars Day and Revenge of the 5th. The Clone Wars and Rebels voice actors Julie Dolan (Princess Leia Organa), Tom Kane (Yoda) and Skywalker Sound Engineer Matthew Wood (General Grievous) were greeted by hundreds of attendees as the store in Plano, TX was transformed into a sort of mini-Comic Con.

Matthew Wood, Julie Dolan, and Tom Kane.
I had the opportunity to chat with the Star Wars voice actors in between them greeting and signing autographs. Julie Dolan informed me that it doesn't look like Princess Leia will be making an appearance in the last season of Star Wars Rebels or the new season of Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures. Tom Kane stated that he will be lending his voice as Yoda to the upcoming Forces of Destiny shorts. he also informed me he was not the Last Jedi. I asked Matthew Wood who the Last Jedi was and he wouldn't give me an answer. These Lucasfilm employees are hard to chisel down.

After our trip to Plano for the Madness Games and Comics festivities, we headed back to Arlington for a free LEGO Star Wars Make-and-Take event where you were given a free Princess Leia mini-fig to put together. It wasn't really a Free Comic Book Day event, but it took place on the date all the same. I thought it was a pretty cool homage to Carrie Fisher and the character of Princess Leia for LEGO and Toys "R" Us to be included in this special event.

Julie Dolan (voice of Princess Leia) giving the Death Star plans to RtwoDtwo. Photo courtesy of RtwoDtwo Koenig.

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