Thursday, August 17, 2017

Beverly Hills High Turns 90 - School Fit for a Princess

2017 marks the 90th Anniversary of the opening of probably the most famous high school in the world thanks to a little show by the name of "Beverly Hills 90210." The school in that show, "West Beverly Hills High," was actually based on a real one which hosted some pretty famous graduates (and dropouts - ahem, we're looking at you Nicolas Kim Coppola). Beverly Hills High School boasts a roster of alumni that include Rob Reiner, Lenny Kravitz, Angelina Jolie, Jamie Lee Curtis, Scott Caan, Joely Fisher, Rain Pryor, Betty White, Lana Turner, Shaun Cassidy, and even Monica Lewinsky.

So what does any of this have to do with "Star Wars?" you ask? After the jump, we'll tell you!

John Burnham is an agent for International Creative Management (ICM). His clients include the likes of Woody Allen, Gus Van Sant, David Cronenberg, Philip Kaufman, Walter Hill, Stephen Frears, and Sean Penn. Burnham was part of the Class of '71 at Beverly Hills High and recalls chauffeuring a certain galactic princess to school.

"I'd pick up Carrie Fisher on Greenway Avenue and take her to school. She was a sophomore; I was a senior. I was a reprobate," Burnham confessed in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

THR also posted Fisher's sophomore year picture from 1972.

Another famous actor testing the six degrees of separation from the "Star Wars" saga theory also attended school at Beverly Hills High. Richard Dreyfuss starred in "American Graffiti." "Graffiti" was directed by George Lucas, who was already orking on "Star Wars" while in production of this coming-of-age film. Check out Dreyfuss's 1965 senior picture below.

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