Monday, September 25, 2017

Yoda Signed the UN Charter in 1945? Seeing is Believing!

"Mohammed al-Hathri, a secretary and educational chief in Saudi Arabia was fired after 'Star Wars' character Yoda was spotted in a text book next to a Saudi King. In most places, Yoda showing up in a textbook wouldn't be such a bad thing, but it ended up costing al-Hathri his job after students noticed the clearly Photoshopped image. Education minister Ahmed al-Eissa has described the incident as an unintended mistake while also announcing that new versions of the textbook were already being produced to fix the Jedi Master error.

The Sun U.K. reports that the doctored image, created by Saudi artist Abdullah Al Shehri, more popularly known as Shaweesh, depicts the late King Faisal, who was foreign minister at the time, signing the United Nations Charter in 1945 with the tiny green Jedi Master seated to his right. Shaweesh said that the image is a part of a montage in tribute to King Faisal and Yoda. The artist said that he holds both King Faisal and Yoda in 'equally high esteem,' but he has absolutely no idea how it ended up in the text book and that he 'definitely did not mean to cause offense to the royal family.'" - via Movieweb

Did anyone happen to notice the man standing in the background in a suit that looks like Mister Rogers?

You can read more right here.

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