Monday, November 6, 2017

Daniel Logan Suits Up as Boba Fett!

Daniel Logan played a young Boba Fett who watched his father, Jango, beheaded before his very eyes in "Star Wars: Attack of the Clones." A few years later, Logan voiced the character as a teen for "Star Wars: The Clone Wars." Fans of the character and actor have lobbied for him to take on the role in a live-action setting and their dreams came close to true in Las Vegas, NV last week.

Some friends of Logan have been putting together a set of screen-accurate armor and a helmet for the actor to cosplay in for a while now. All of their hard work paid off when the actor donned it for an appearance in Vegas.

Logan posted the first picture on his Facebook with the caption, "Guys @wasted_fett and @lunchboxwars Helped dress me in my Armor Today..!! I borrowed a few parts from @wasted_fett to get the over all look but I love the look It's Amazing P.S it's me inside the Armor." The second picture followed with the caption, "Do you even starwars Bro..?? Thanks to my Armor building team @wasted_fett @lunchboxwars @arkadydesigns @fett_4_real @machinecraftreplicas @thewookieeroars @woodman1138 @lanecreativestudios."

Check out Logan fully suited up with the helmet after the jump.

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