Thursday, March 1, 2018

Happabores Get Their Moment in the Spotlight on National Pig Day

There might not be a true pig in the Star Wars universe, but certainly the mighty Happabore gives us reason to celebrate National Pig Day. If a creature in a Galaxy Far, Far Away resembles a pig it would be this one. Just look at the size of that snout! Here's a bit from the Start Wars Wikia on the habits of the Happabore:

"Happabores were a species of massive gray herbivore.

Happabores possessed broad flat noses and beady black eyes, which were almost hidden by the wrinkles of their faces, as well as thick skin that was very resilient to heat. They had broad mouths with flat, yellow teeth inside which they would use to bite with if provoked. Otherwise, happabores were largely docile, being known as patient, obedient creatures that could take a lot of abuse."

Quote of the Day: "The happabores don’t eat flesh. Or metal. Just stay away from their mouths. And feet." ―Sarco Plank warns Luke Skywalker and his droids about his happabores.

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