Friday, March 16, 2018

Watch the Score-Only Version of The Last Jedi and Experience the Genius of Composer John Williams [VIDEO]

We have a special teaser for the score-only version of Star Wars: The Last Jedi after the jump. It's available exclusively on Movies Anywhere for a limited time. Simply sign-up for Movies Anywhere and link your digital retailer account where you purchased your digital copy in order to unlock it!

You can listen to John Williams' incredible score isolated with no dialogue or sound effects. Why would you want to do that? To experience firsthand the importance of music to a movie like The Last Jedi. The score of a film is its beating heart and many times steers the emotional rollercoaster ride we experience.

Lucasfilm’s worldwide phenomenon, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, is now available on digital and arrives on Blu-ray & 4K on Tuesday, March 27th.

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