Monday, June 4, 2018

Lucasfilm Design Supervisor James Clyne Makes the Kessel Run

The record-setting [Kessel Run] that made the Millennium Falcon a legend in its time is, for the first time, seen on-screen in the new film.

And it was [Lucasfilm Design Supervisor James] Clyne and his crew that had to tackle the challenge of designing the treacherous course, the monsters lurking in the mist, and the gravity well that essentially demolished all their hard work piece by beautiful piece, using some real-world inspiration from extreme weather conditions and some help from Indiana Jones.

“I proposed this idea that the Falcon gets really battered up, more battered up than you’ve ever seen it,” Clyne says. “We had to design every progression, from the first panel coming off to the last panel coming off. We had to understand what that meant.”


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