Monday, July 16, 2018

React Robotics' DogBot Inspired by AT-ATs

Groceries and pizzas could soon appear at your front door strapped to an “intelligent” robot dog inspired by Star Wars and created in Surrey.

DogBot, made by React Robotics, took its first self-taught steps yesterday after five years’ work.

Slightly larger than an Alsatian, it ran free in the lab after its harness was removed.

React Robotics founder Greg Epps said: “My inspiration when designing the aesthetics was more Star Wars. The first one we built... it looks exactly like an AT-AT. When we sell this, it might be [for] delivering pizza or as an inspection robot with sensors. There’s lots of autonomous vehicles but they tend to have wheels. In an urban environment, you have scenarios like damaged pavements, steps and stairs."

Read more and see a video of the robot at Evening Standard

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