Friday, September 7, 2018

Rian Johnson Found 'Last Jedi' Inspiration in 'The Clone Wars'

Rian Johnson has revealed that he was inspired by the TV show "The Clone Wars" when he was writing The Last Jedi.

The revelation came after a Twitter user asked Johnson if the "Mortis" episodes had any connection to the new films.

In case you forgot, the "Mortis" story arc in the third season of "The Clone Wars" provided an interesting backstory to the Force mythology. It is remembered by fans for the return of Liam Neeson to the role of Qui Gon Jinn, providing the voice for the character's "force ghost."

The Twitter user asked "I wanted to know your thoughts on the ‘Mortis’ arc from Star Wars the Clone Wars and it connection to any of the films maybe?"

Surprisingly, Johnson responded - and seemed to indicate that the episodes played a role, most likely in his approach to the Force. "I rewatched these eps (on @dave_filoni’s advice) early in the writing process, they’re so gorgeous and boundary pushing," he said.

Given the backlash The Last Jedi has received from fans, especially regarding the new aspects of the Force the film introduced, it will be interesting to see if this admission by Johnson will win over those angry fans, given the near-universal admiration fans have for "The Clone Wars."

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