Monday, October 1, 2018

Kathleen Kennedy Reigns Supreme at Lucasfilm Through 2021

The Force is still strong with Kathleen Kennedy. Millions of angry fanboys and fangirls may think Lucasfilm needs a new president after the "disasterous" releases of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Solo, but obviously Disney CEO thinks she's got what it takes. It was announced through the Hollywood Reporter that Kennedy has renewed her contract and will remain president of Lucasfilm for another three years, which puts her reign over a Galaxy Far, Far Away through 2021.

This will no doubt come as terrible news to a faction of fans who blame her for everything that's "went wrong" in the Star Wars Universe. Never mind the fact that she's already made Disney all their front-money back from the $4 billion purchase of the franchise from George Lucas in 2012.

Ever since they didn't get their way with the happenings in The Last Jedi, many angry fans put together a petition to have Kennedy removed from the presidency of Lucasfilm. Like anyone at Disney or Lucasfilm cares what a handful of angry faux-torchbearers think. The "failure" of Solo at the box office was more confirmation of just how awful (please note sarcasm) Kennedy (who's resume includes almost every film these torchbearers claim to be their childhood) is at her job. Nevermind the success of The Force Awakens and Rogue One. Also, let's not acknowledge the recent viewer response to Solo when it hit home video as tracked by Best Buy and a 4-star rating across most of the formats recorded by Amazon.

I couldn't be more happy that Kathleen Kennedy is still in charge at Lucasfilm. The reasons George Lucas put her in power in the first place is backed up by her lengthy and extremely impressive filmography. Plus, I'd like to hear ANYONE come up with a better candidate for the job.

And don't say Dave Filoni. He's a creative force, not a financial one.

Read more at The Hollywood Reporter.

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