Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Chewbacca's Holiday Special Wife Malla Gets a Makeover

One of the most important pieces of Star Wars history is the Star Wars Holiday Special.

The 1978 television event introduced us to Boba Fett, bartender Ackmena (Bea Arthur), trade post owner Saun Dann (Art Carney), and Chewbacca's family.

As he bounced around the galaxy with Han Solo trying to make ends meet, Chewbacca left a treehouse full of family behind on Kashyyyk - wife Malla, son Lumpy, and father Grumpy.

Chewbacca's hardworking wife, Malla, was the matriarch of the family.

Special Effects studio Tom Spina Designs recently gave the Wookiee mask from the Holiday Special a makeover to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

Could a restoration of the mask mean an upcoming appearance of Malla in a sequel to the 1978 masterpiece?

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