Thursday, December 6, 2018

Play About Star Wars Holiday Special Stars Lance Guest

A play about the making of The Star Wars Holiday Special starring The Last Starfighter? Sign me up! If you're in the Los Angeles, CA area, you absolutely MUST drop everything and get tickets to see Boston-based playwright Andrew Osborne's two-act play Special, which stars Lance Guest (Jaws: The Revenge) and captures all the real and hypothetical drama that surrounded the creation of one of the greatest trainwrecks in the history of TV specials.

In 1978, movie brats and network execs joined forces to create The Star Wars Holiday Special, a costly, disastrous variety show that aired on CBS exactly once. George Lucas wanted to smash every copy of the special with a hammer, but thanks to bootlegs and the internet it went on to become a cult classic...

...and Special is the jaw-dropping, true-ish story of how a smash hit space opera became the worst TV show in the galaxy!

Get more info about the play and tickets right here!

Check out a spectacular shirt you can buy to support the play after the jump.

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