Monday, February 11, 2019

Mark Hamill's New Twitter Profile Pic Raises Episode IX Questions

At a time when few details are coming out on Episode IX, Star Wars fans are begging Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, for any tidbit on the new film. His new Twitter profile picture may have been an answer to those requests.

The profile picture, included below, really got fans talking, as it appears to be a recent photo of Hamill wearing a hooded robe. Some claimed it was a still from the new film, while others speculated the picture meant he would appear in Episode IX in physical form, not just as a Jedi spirit.

Here is the profile picture that got everyone talking.

Unfortunately, Hamill is known for his online pranks, and this appears to be another. A close inspection of the picture shows that he isn't wearing a Jedi robe, but rather a standard black hoodie. For eager fans hoping for a glimpse at Episode IX, however, the picture caused many to jump to conclusions.

Hamill has not commented on the picture.

However, Hamill did drop a tidbit about a potential trailer. And it appears we aren't seeing one anytime soon.

Here is the tweet.

It looks like Lucasfilm is going to keep us waiting for a while.

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