Thursday, February 14, 2019

This Valentine's Day, You Can Order a Dozen Roses - Star Wars Style!

This is how you win Valentine's Day - not by fighting what you hate, but by giving figures nobody loves.

It goes without saying that Rose Tico action figures aren't very popular with collectors. The Last Jedi backlash by disappointed fans has led to a lot of unsold merchandise and toys. Rose Tico is a prime example, with reports of the figure being a pegwarmer by the dozens at just about every retail location. Collectibles website Entertainment Earth came up with a great way to move their mountain of Ticos - bundle them by the dozen!

The "Dozen Roses" are made up of twelve 3 3/4" Black Series Rose Tico action figures, and they sell it for $19.99, a savings of over 80%.

You can click here to order one for yourself from Entertainment Earth. If you actually want them.

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