Thursday, March 14, 2019

New Star Wars Hot Wheels On The Way

Mattel's line of wildly popular Star Wars Hot Wheels is expanding with new vehicles never before released, including ships from Star Wars: Resistance!

The new Hot Wheels will be released in two waves (which Mattel calls "mixes"), and will feature the following vehicles:

Mix 1:
*General Grievous™ Wheel Bike™ (First appearance!)
*Sandcrawler™ (First appearance!)
*TIE Bomber™ (First appearance!)

Mix 2:
*Hype Fazon’s™ Green Ace™ (First appearance!)
*Kaz’s™ Fireball™ (First appearance!)
*Torra Doza’s™ Blue Ace™ (First appearance!)

Although official pictures for Mix 2 weren't released, one collector tweeted this find at his local store - it appears the Resistance Hot Wheels are already hitting shelves, in the "Case F" assortment.

Keep an eye out on the Hot Wheels aisle!

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