Monday, May 13, 2019

Study VR Sickness While Playing Star Wars Video Game

Screen capture from a VR experienced developed for Oculus Rift in Unity3D as a project at the University of Utah. The game is intended to be a remake of the 1983 ATARI Star Wars arcade/coin-op game originally developed by Mike Hally; it is now presented to you in full HD rendered goodness and fully custom 4K texturing.

This video, the VR experience, and its' contents provide viable research insight into VR sickness correlations. FAIR USE is claimed for the exhibition of copyrighted materials under the premise that the content is being used for educational and research purpose at the University of Utah's Computer Science department.

Many credits go to 3D model artists at scifi3d for making the some of the models seen here freely available for me to modify and drop into the game engine. See end credits for a full list of artists and contributors.

The game was created for the purpose of research at the University of Utah during a study in virtual reality related motion sickness. The study details the way in which vection and self-movement is impacted by reference points in a 3D space. The first level is to allow a single reference point: the death star. The second level allows a planar reference point: the surface. The third level allows fully encompassing reference points: the trench & obstacles. The research study is ongoing and will publish soon.

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