Friday, June 7, 2019

Star Wars 'Living Set' Trading Cards Now Available from Topps

Topps has released a new set of Star Wars trading cards: The Living Set!

The online-exclusive set will reveal new cards every week, and the first two cards are already available for purchase: Darth Vader and Nien Numb! You can get your cards by clicking right here.

The Living Set will feature the greatest Star Wars characters of all time, in a set that has no planned end. New characters will be added from Star Wars films, live action series, and animated series every week, in a set that Topps plans to continue expanding for years.

Each character will only get one card, so if you want the only Vader or Nien Numb card that will ever be made for the set, you'll have to order them now, before the ordering window closes!

The cards feature the work of artist Kris Penix, and feature the "blue starfield" from the iconic 1977 Topps Star Wars Series 1 design. The cards will be printed on 16pt vintage trading card stock. Free shipping is included with each purchase.

You can order the Living Set cards by clicking right here.

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