Monday, August 5, 2019

Disney Parks' Halloween Exclusive Droid Factory Figure Revealed

We have our first look at the Halloween-themed Star Wars action figure coming to Disney theme parks this fall!

The figure is part of the "Droid Factory" line of toys, available only at Disney Parks. Although the Halloween figure has not been given an official release date, someone got a picture of it and posted it online.

The figure is called "R5-BOO19" and is black with white highlights, giving it a skeleton look. The "bones" will even glow in the dark.

The "Droid Factory" line includes a number of astromech and other droids not available in the regular Hasbro line. They even make an incredible Sandcrawler vehicle/playset that you can check out (or even purchase) by clicking here.

It appears the figure may have leaked because one of the park's shops put it out early, but there haven't been widespread reports of the figure being found.

Here's the picture, which was posted to social media over the weekend.

More information on the figure is not yet available. It is possible that the figure will be available online at, the official Disney online store.

Let us know in the comments section if you find this figure at a Disney Park!

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