Saturday, July 25, 2020

Hasbro Announces Exclusive 501st Legion Arc Troopers Figure Set

Hasbro is finally giving Star Wars collectors the "Clone Wars" action figures they have been asking for.

Those same collectors, however, have doubts that they will get their hands on them.

CNET exclusively revealed Hasbro’s planned three-pack of the 501st Legion Arc Troopers for their Vintage Collection line, which includes 3.75″ figures in retro-style packaging. The three-pack will include characters from the “Clone Wars” series: Echo, Fives and Jesse from the 501st.

The three fan-favorite characters sport some fantastic new sculpts, including holsters for their guns. Articulation is solid, and a step up from the odd-looking joints, limbs, and articulation seen in other figures.

The three-pack, which was supposed to be a San Diego Comic Con exclusive, will instead be sold exclusively through Hasbro Pulse, which sells directly to collectors. It will sell for $50 and be available to order in September.

Many collectors are upset, however, saying most Hasbro exclusives are bought up by scalpers or resellers, and rarely get into the hands of real fans.

Hasbro has a terrible track record in making exclusives widely available for collectors, and most fear the high interest in Clone Trooper figures (which always sell well) will only make it harder for true collectors to get a set for themselves.

You can click here to visit the Hasbro Pulse website.

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