Friday, November 27, 2020

Rare Natalie Portman Private Signing to Include 'Star Wars' Items

Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman is doing a rare, one-time private signing, and she'll sign Star Wars items!

As many Star Wars autograph collectors know, Portman is an extremely tough signature to get, as she rarely does signings. The Star Wars Autograph Universe (SWAU), one of the most respected and reliable sources for Star Wars autographs in the hobby, was able to set-up a one-time-only signing, so for many, this could be their only chance to add Portman to their collection.

Of course, Portman's career includes a number of hit films besides Star Wars, including Black Swan, Jackie, the Thor franchise, Leon: The Professional, Cold Mountain, Closer, V for Vendetta, and A Tale of Love and Darkness.

More from SWAU:

Natalie will be signing items from her entire career, and limited personalization, character name and quote options will be available to purchase! SWAU will be offering pre-orders for officially licensed Star Wars photos, action figures, FUNKOs, posters, comics, and props. All pre-orders will come with our tamper-proof SWAU hologram.

You are also welcome to send in your favorite items to be autographed by Natalie via our Send-In option, and Beckett Witness authentication will be available to purchase on your send-in items.

SWAU is also pleased to announce that we will be offering CGC Signature Series for this signing. Details on how to purchase CGC services will be available on the order pages.

Autographs start at $560 for a signed 8X10, with add-on personalization, quotes, or character names starting at $300. Send-in items start at $550.

Autographs can be ordered by clicking here to visit the SWAU website.

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