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May the 4th Be With You (Star Wars Day) is a day of serious celebration for fans of George Lucas' space saga. Why not take two days off and celebrate on May 5th the less serious aspects of the greatest science fiction film series ever created? Or for that matter, all year 'round!

This website is a commemoration of all things a little off, bizarre, or zany in the Star Wars Universe. Remember, everything you see and read here is meant to be taken in the spirit of fun. Please don't get offended and have a good time.

Feel free to submit anything you might think should be featured at Revenge Of The 5th, and we'll consider it! Just contact us by email, linked below.

Eric Shirey and Victor Medina serve as editors for Revenge Of The 5th.

You can contact Victor Medina at the following email: editor@revengeofthe5th.net

You can contact Eric Shirey at the following email: revengeofthe5th@yahoo.com

All Star Wars images and characters are copyrighted and owned by Lucasfilm. We are a fan site, and not affiliated with Lucasfilm or The Walt Disney Company.


  1. Cool site! You guys have some pretty funny stuff on here. Love it!

    1. Thank you Paul! We aim to please! Tell all your friends, except for any Trekkies. We don't serve their kind here. ;)